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tv & internet ads

If you've read the "ABOUT" section, you know that I also write ads for small and large businesses & corporations as head writer for Top Notch Cinema, a video marketing production company based out of NYC. But I also write commercials freelance, no matter where your business is located. To hire me to write your next commercial, shoot me an email here 

This 30-second TV spot for, a new show on Bloomberg TV, featured actor Asia Kate Dillon (lead actor on the Showtime hit Billions and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black)as their spokesperson. Asia’s magnetic screen presence and delivery really captured the overall essence of this dynamic new show., similar to Shark Tank, is the only equity crowd-funding platform of its kind, giving up-and-coming business owners the opportunity to pitch their brand to investors from all over the world.
This humorous long-form commercial ad is for a company called "Clean Tush", which produces a softer, healthier alternative to toilet paper. They wanted more of a risky, raunchy type of humor similar to "Poo-Pouri", "Purple Mattress" & "Dollar Shave Club", as it really seems to fit their product and the company's branding. The results were hilarious. And yes, I am very proud to have written this LOL.
This ad is yet another humorous video featuring the company's spokesperson. They wanted an edgier yet deadpan type of comedy similar to "Dollar Shave Club" to sell their indestructible USB cables, which connect to any model of smart phone. And that's exactly what they got.
Lodel, a unique online food delivery service, connects foodies with their favorite restaurants located in their area. This video in particular was a 30-second TV spot, but there was also a one-minute video as well as two 15-second spots for social media, one of which was a recruitment video for prospective employees. This video was as fun to write as it was to watch.
Handle Plus a great, innovative new way to secure your tablet when you’re on the go. Not only that, but it doubles as a sturdy, easy-to-use stand to keep your tablet in a fixed position. Hassle-free and easy to carry, Handle Plus makes working and watching your favorite movies and TV shows easy, no matter where you are. I wrote this crowd-funding video to display just how convenient, innovative and easy-to-use this product is.
This video showcases TNC’s top-of-the-line 3D animation and motion graphics capabilities and state-of-the-art special effects. It’s hard to imagine that the turn-around on this video was only two months, which is unheard of. To tell the truth, I had no idea really what any of this stuff was, but I certainly played it off pretty well, structuring the script using all the information that was provided.
In this video, Pintail Coffee showcases their whole process behind creating the perfect cup of coffee, capturing the essence of their brand and exemplifying their mastery of the art of coffee-making. Creating the perfect cup of coffee for decades, it all starts with the quality of the beans, which they source, purchase and ship to their impressive Long Island manufacturing facility where this video was shot. It’s impossible to watch this and not crave a cup for yourself.
A long standing client of TNC, Shux approached us with their new line of performance wear that was specifically engineered to be packable in a unique pouch. This new line also featured a detachable hood that is compatible with any style of shirt, the only product of its kind. This Nike-esque video was shot in several locations across the country, including New York, Chicago, Seattle and the Grand Canyon.
CUPLUS : When One Cup holder Just Isn't Enough No more fumbling with keys, receipts, and spare change. Always have a spare cupholder ready. This was actually the first commercial I ever wrote. It's pretty simple and straight forward. But it kickstarted by video marketing writing career.
Whimsical Sweets Cookiegrams - like a greeting card but edible! Say it with sweets! These Cookiegrams make a great gift for any occasion. Each one contains hand-iced cookies with a fun, festive message. Choose between our Classic and Custom jars. Classic jars come with a cute little ditty handwritten on each piece. Custom jars can be personalized with your very own words. Either way, you’re bound to please with this thoughtful and unique present.
Another one I wrote for Whimsical Sweets, but this one is for their Cookie Kit Subscription. Ideal for children who like to cook (with adult supervision) and a creative family activity, this subscription gives you monthly themes in a variety of package sizes while including easy-to-follow instruction cards.
Wowables are a reusable and biodegradable "paper towel". They wanted to really get across how healthy for the environment this paper towel alternative is... while injecting a little humor into this ad.
I've written quite a few scripts for this company. It's a consultation company that helps you make smart business decisions so that you can live the life you've always wanted. offers legal forms and information about Islamic wills and Sharī‘a rules of Islamic inheritance, including a scholar-certified Islamic will Inheritance Calculator.
CrazyCap bottle (generation 2) has a built-in deep UV (DUV) LED sterilization in the cap. Unlike water filters, that only trap micro-organisms, the DUV light destroys them completely (99.999%), so that water from any source becomes free of threatening bacteria and perfectly safe to drink. CrazyCap bottle will also keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 with the double-walled, vacuum-insulated system. 
So, Boldfish is an app used to curb social media addiction. I wrote the script for this 2 years ago, so it shows how far ahead of the game the people behind this app were.
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